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Safeguarding your biggest investment

Huntsville, AL residents rely on us for their foundation and crawl space repairs.

Whether you need foundation repair for your home or business, look no further than our team at Quality Crawlspace Repair! Call on us to inspect and repair any cracks in the foundation flooring, bricks, walls, and piers. If sagging floors are the problem, we use a floor support system that offers solutions to sagging floors and restores stability to your home. Termite damage? We repair that too. Retaining walls? No problem. Our foundation and crawl space repair experts have more than 15 years of experience and are able to quickly diagnose and determine a plan of action to remedy the problem. We service Huntsville, Decatur, Athens, Florence, Scottsboro, and Guntersville, Alabama.

Signs you may have a bad foundation

While a home settling may be expected, too much settling can lead to problems. How do you know which cracks are bad and which ones are not? Call on Quality Crawlspace Repair to evaluate your foundation and ensure its safety. While a professional is needed to assess the severity, a homeowner can be aware of certain signs. Things like horizontal cracking on a brick exterior, broken concrete slab, doors or windows that are hard to open or close, sagging or uneven floors, and erosion around the outside of your foundation. These are all reasons for a professional to take a look to determine if there is a problem.

Foundation jackstands in a crawlspace

Our floor support system

We use a floor-supporting system that allows us to secure sagging beams and restore and strengthen piers providing solutions to sagging floors. This system can also lift unsecured floor joists and beams and place them in their original spot. Sagging floors can result from shifted piers from ground upheaval, foundation cracks, excessive moisture around the piers causing them to shift, and even poor soil conditions prior to construction. Our crawl space contractors will develop a plan and provide personalized crawl space foundation repair based on your situation. In addition to floor support systems, we check for any wood damage due to termites or rotting and will walk you through the process and pricing of removing and repairing the damage!

Have your home inspected and repaired!

If you need a foundation repair, reach out to Quality Crawlspace Repair in Huntsville, Alabama! Maybe you found a home you would like to restore and notice the floors are uneven or maybe it has extensive termite damage. That’s not a problem for us. We consider ourselves experts in crawl space foundation repair and we provide a full line of services throughout Huntsville and surrounding areas. Call us at 256-345-6597.

Call for your Free Estimate!

If you're thinking of waterproofing your basement or crawlspace, get a free estimate from Quality Crawlspace Repair. Properly waterproofed and encapsulated basements or crawlspaces will help protect a home’s foundation and make it more energy-efficient. Protect your investment by getting the job done right. Our pros are happy to help you with the best crawl space and basement solutions for your home or business! Call us at 256-345-6597 to get started.

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